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At , the source allows him to pick different emulators (NES, GBA, SNES, etc), all with their own cover art. I haven't found any sort of plugins for WiiFlow called EmuLoader, or any tutorials on how to set that up. I downloaded Abz's Masterpiece Pack, I installed all the WAD's. 6 May - 6 min - Uploaded by nonx wiiflow+emulators +HQ covers. WiiU/vWii_WiiFlow emulater Sega/Nintendo"cover support. 17 Nov - 11 min - Uploaded by LiamtheInternetGamer Requested by my friend Connor Wiiflow mod.

Trying to get all the basics running on my newly softmodded Wii. Are there recommended guides for installing Wiiware/Virtual console games. emuflow=6 [BUTTON_9] image=shawnmichael.info image_s=shawnmichael.info source=plugin magic= emuflow=6 [BUTTON_10] image=shawnmichael.info image_s=GBAb. png. image=shawnmichael.info image_s=shawnmichael.info source=plugin magic= emuflow=3. fba_cps2. CPS2(b). image=shawnmichael.info image_s=CPS2b. png.

See Tweets about #emuflow on Twitter. See what people are saying and join the conversation. OMG How did you get your WiiFlow to do this? is there a tut on how to do this? I have all the old school emus (nes snes genesis) I just want to know how to get. If possible, please add custom backgrounds for each plugin, and maybe to option to paste cover-/emuflow-settings in *shawnmichael.info-file to set a.