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Mimivirus is a genus of viruses, in the family Mimiviridae. Amoeba serve as natural hosts. This genus contains a single identified species named Acanthamoeba  Structure - Genome - Replication - Implications for defining "life". Torque Teno mini virus (TTMV) belongs to the Betatorquevirus genus of the relatively new family, Anelloviridae. There are 12 species labelled Torque Teno mini. Mini, also known as Trivial is a family of the smallest viruses ever created. Some variants of this virus get as small as 13 bytes. It was featured in The Giant Black.

Scientific Name, TTV-like mini virus [TAX]. Lineage, Viruses; ssDNA viruses; Anelloviridae; Betatorquevirus; unclassified Betatorquevirus. RefSeq. A new species of torque teno mini virus, named TTMV, was detected in gingival tissue from periodontitis patients using a viral. A novel torque teno mini virus (TTMV) was identified in two patients and the sequence of the full genomes were determined. The virus is.

Arch Virol. ;(1) Molecular epidemiology of TTV-like mini virus in Norway. Moen EM(1), Huang L, Grinde B. Author information: (1)Department of. Citation: Yan-Jun Kang, Mei-Fang Zhou, Wei Huang, Chao Deng, Gen Yan, Zhong-Hua Lu. Identification of a novel torque teno mini virus in. Objectives: Torque teno mini virus (TTMV) is classified as the Betatorquevirus genus of Anelloviridae. Little is known about the prevalence of.