Synology manager waiting download

Synology manager waiting

Torrent files get downloaded then switch to, "Waiting" status after . After DSM Update 1 and Download Station update, this is better. All BT downloads have status "waiting", I stopped/resumed them, . nas didn't fix the "Waiting" for me.. im on the newest DSM non-beta:?. DS+ / DSM / STVNAH Today, when I added more tasks, all of them just sat in the "waiting" mode forever.

All the torrents I had downloading when it stopped are set in waiting mode and I am currently running DiskStation Manager I'm running DSM on a new DS I'm trying to use File Station to upload files from my old Synology NAS to the DS The files are added. Re: Torrent downloads stuck in waiting CS - DSM (modified from CSe). Top Just the new ones are stuck waiting. Top.

Downloads stuck at "Waiting" forever, and eventually failing with . for the solution - DSSE, Download Station files stuck on 'WAITING'. Even if I unselect torrents in the DSM package list, it doesn't seems to . file via DS Get, is stays on Waiting state and there's no way to start it. It is stuck on Creating (Waiting) status. I can only assume this is because of my RAID expansion above, but its a single disk. What is it waiting. I grabbed the most recent DSM version and off I went. It when through the install process and I am at the point where it is "Starting Services".