Rain dance pokemon team x y.zip download

Rain dance pokemon team x y.zip

I'm not the expert on Rain Teams, but a Pokemon with Dry Skin can be Rain Dance as a move too, since Charizard Y can overwrite Drizzle. For Pokemon Y on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Don't know why you'd want Greninja on the team, unless yours is Torrent ability. YET in X/Y. With Azumaril's berry water power + rain dance + aqua jet. For Pokemon X on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Who to give rain dance to on a rain team?". blastoise @ torrent/rain dish @ blastoisite modest sp atk/ hp water pulse dark pulse roar/aura.

11 Sep - 20 min - Uploaded by ProKobe I'm at it with another showdown video. Now I'll admit, this is a filler video for my channel, but. Ability: Torrent EVs: Atk / HP / 4 Spd Adamant Nature - Waterfall - Earthquake - Stone Edge - Curse / Hammer Arm / Rain Dance. After using Rain Dance, Mega Swampert's Speed is doubled and alongside its huge Torrent should be the primary option, as it lets Swampert score extra 2HKOs with Ice Beam provides a harder hit on physically defensive Pokemon, such as . Curse gives Mega Swampert the opportunity to clean more defensive teams.

Offensively, Swampert is the premier Mega Evolution choice on rain teams Defensively, Mega Swampert opens holes to Pokemon rain is already weak to, most . Rain Dance is a good option so Mega Swampert can set up the rain itself Tyranitar, Alolan Ninetales, and Mega Charizard Y change the weather, and the.