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Openaura severance

Hi, I need some help setting up a OpenAura - Severance server. I have the game- mode and a server. I am a total noob when it comes setting up a server. Hello. I recently installed Severance which is an OpenAura scheme, and I'd really like to add some more items. I spent the whole night yesterday looking through. I wanna know what you'd like to see in Clockwork's version of Severance that you think the OpenAura Severance should have had.

Download ZIP Code Founded in , the orchestra plays most of its concerts at Severance Hall. "OpenAura"}, "url. I would go with a good OpenAura, preferably. Severance: The server crashes whenever a player reaches the OpenAura intro, do you know. CW: Pandemic. Pandemic is a schema similar to Severance, which was around in the OpenAura days, around and earlier. This schema was.

[Severance] Safe_Zones Suggestion # Closed Severance. Projects At least, they never did in OpenAura, and I doubt that it will change. There was a army server based on openaura and I enjoyed it a lot, I only wish CG was Quote from: NRK on December 06, , PM Severance is.