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Managing Emulex HBA with hbacmd. Linux. The Emulex hbacmd utility can be used to print lot of configuration and performance attributes and can be used to. In my previous post on printing Emulex HBA statistics and resetting Emulex HBAs , I briefly touched on the hbacmd(1m) utility. hbacmd(1m). HbaCmd. At the command line interface, a single operation is performed by entering hbacmd, followed by a CLI client command and its.

#hbacmd listhbas. This lists the details of all HBA ports on your Host. Example: # hbacmd listhbas. Manageable HBA List Port WWN: c List HBAs. Syntax./hbacmd LISTHBAS. Description, A list of the discovered manageable Emulex HBAs and their World Wide Node Names. Parameters, N/A . This connector discovers Emulex HBAs of servers running Linux using the hbacmd utility provided with the Emulex Drivers.

hbacmd PortStat cff. Port Statistics for cff . Secs Since Last Reset: Exchange Count: Dell Emulex Family of Adapters User Manual • Hbacmd syntax usage • Dell Computer hardware. /usr/sbin/hbanyware/hbacmd listhbas Display the host adaptor port status. # /usr/ sbin/hbanyware/hbacmd portstat ca.