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Yahoo! GeoCities is a soon-to-be defunct web hosting service. It was founded in November by David Bohnett and John Rezner, and was called Beverly. - Unlimited Free Web Hosting & The largest Geocities archive on the web!. In October we archived our olden cities of the web: The unique pages on "" just before they were taken down. Geocities started in and.

GeoCities is what showed Yahoo! at its best. In , Yahoo! succeeded in destroying the most amount of history in the shortest amount of time, certainly on . So, Geocities -- the service that, back in , set off the first phase of everyday folks putting crazy, fun stuff online -- still exists as a hosting. The fighting spirit of tbh can be traced to a different era: What if GeoCities, a famously positive web hosting service, had been the platform that.

As a free Web hosting service, Geocities was a model of how large companies could provide public "utilities" for Web users. Individuals registered to receive a. GeoCities was an important outlet for personal expression on the Web for almost 15 years, but was discontinued on October 26, The Internet Archive. Before Twitter, before Facebook, before MySpace - heck, even before Friendster, there was a service known as GeoCities. For those who grew.