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Captain tsubasa vs hyuga

First appearance. Captain Tsubasa () chapter 10 "Kojiro's Appearance" . Captain Tsubasa: Road to - Go for () Hyuga vs Tsubasa clash. First appearance, Captain Tsubasa () chapter 10 "Kojiro's Appearance" Meiwa's key players are FW Kojiro Hyuga, GK Ken Wakashimazu, and MF Takeshi Sawada, and all the members were training under . Hyuga vs Tsubasa clash. With the lead of Tsubasa Ozora, managing to obtain the V-3 by winning three consecutive competitions, and the powerful Toho Academy with ace striker Hyuga and his Tiger Shot and karate keeper Wakashimazu. . Tsubasa vs Matsuyama.

Captain Tsubasa: Road to (–). / 7. Rate This. Crash! Tsubasa vs. Hyuga Crash! Tsubasa vs. Hyuga Poster. Add a Plot» . The following is an episode list for the anime (Japanese cartoon) Captain Tsubasa. Of the five Hyuga" "Gekitotsu! Tsubasa tai Hyuga" (激突! 翼VS日向), December 2, (). 10, "Sizzling Final Match" "Shakunetsu no Keshousen".