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Vik rent car

Robust and powerful vehicles rental system, trusted by famous car rental brands. Vik Rent Car, the Joomla car rental component by e4j. Vik Rent Car Official Documentation. Vik Rent Car - Documentation. Version: Rental. Tax Rates. Vik Rent Car - Tax. From this task you can manage the tax. This is the official documentation for Vik Extensions, the Joomla modules, components and plugin by e4j. Vik Rent Car Official Documentation ยท Available .

Another difference between Vik Rent Items and its twin extension Vik Rent Car, is that with this extension it is possible to use the Time Slots feature to let the. Vik Rent Car most important features: Vehicles Categories (Van, Station Wagon, City Car, etc.) Vehicles Information (images, details, description) Vehicles. Vik Rent Items is an extension designed for building a complete hiring system of any kind of item. Rentals of multiple or single items are allowed, with or without.

Joomla! Component Vik Rent Car - SQL Injection. Webapps exploit for PHP platform. during the checkout to get 20% OFF when purchase for Vik Rent Car. Thank e4j for making this happens to all JoomlArt members! Cheers. Hello. I installed Ja rent template and I want to built the "Choose cars" page like is appears on the demo page. So far I have the picture depicted.