Pbwcpm download


anyone know of a way i can make it support japanese text?. want a female 5th gen just put any pokemon on it, make it's gender as female, save, open PBWCPM, open the pkm file, and continue there. A RegiGuide by L3w1s Hey everyone, and welcome to my PokeSav guide. Have you downloaded PokeSav, and know how to work the thing, but don't have a.

Sorry, I don't have a mic anymore. shawnmichael.info m3aajx7ymoi0t4w/BW+shawnmichael.info Dosnt matter i found this insted. shawnmichael.info rar. its an pkm b/w action relay code maker using pkm files. Need testing so save before hand. As a pre-caution measure use one at a time. Codes Generated by PBWCPM. Raikou, Box 3, slot 1; Select to.

Does anyone know if the latest pokesav (I'm referring to PBWCPM) works on the US version, because all of the 5th generation pokemon are in.